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Top Cartier Love Bracelet 18K yellow/pink/white gold Cheap

Top Cartier Love Bracelet 18K yellow/pink/white gold Cheap

Model: Cartier-097


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About Love Serice
A child of 1970s New York, the LOVE collection remains today an iconic symbol of love that transgresses convention. The screw motifs, ideal oval shape and undeniable elegance establish the piece as a timeless tribute to passionate romance. Studded with diamonds, yellow gold or rose gold: how far would you go for love?

Cartier Love bracelet, 18K yellow/pink/white gold. Sold with a screwdriver.


Cartier Love bracelet, 18K yellow/pink/white gold. Sold with a screwdriver.

Material: 925 silver, 18K Gold

Colors: Yellow Gold, White Gold, Pink Gold

Please note that each cartier creation is handmade. As a result, carat weight and stone quantities may differ slightly from one creation to the next.

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